How To Promote Your Bike Tours On Instagram

Instagram is a tool that can be used in all types of businesses. But, if you are offering recreational bike tours, no matter what the skill or age level, it can be an especially useful tool. When offering activity-based services, you have an audience (or clients) who are primed to help you get the most out of Instagram. This article shows how Instagram can make your bike tour a more immersive experience for your clients and a more rewarding business venture for you.

Tag Your Clients

No matter how big or small your tour group is, it might be worthwhile posting a picture of them before you start out. Followers love to see real time activities. Of course, if you are running 6 tours a day, this might be too much. But, you can offer to immediately share that photo with all of the participants. Being so proud of their accomplishment, they might very well post their own photo. Ask them to tag you or give a shout out.

Offer Promotions

Offering promotions and discounts on your tours is key to finding new customers. Many customers might have been sitting on the fence about doing a bike tour, but didn't want to pay top dollar. You should offer better discounts during periods or times where business is usually slower.

Use Geotags

Since your tours are strictly location-based, using the local geotags can be a huge advantage. Vacationers often scroll through geotags, looking for interesting posts and things to do. Try to switch around between different geotags to see which get the best response. This will also get more likes for your posts, meaning more people will see them (even if they aren't searching that geotag).

Use the Instagram Story Feature

The new story feature is a perfect way to manage over-posting. Have a short video of your group on a descent, but it doesn't merit its one post? Add it to you story. It will give viewers a real idea of how much fun (and how demanding or relaxing) that trail is.

Post Bike-Related Viral Videos

Finally, feel free to post bike related viral videos. These can be funny or jaw-dropping video of stuntman. Stay away from posting nasty falls. You don't want to scare people away from riding a bike.

Basically, your goal when it comes to Instagram is to show followers how fun it still is to ride a bike. For more information, you will want to contact a company such as NJ Bike Tours.