3 Events Where Custom Competition Medals Are A Great Idea

When someone does something well, it is important that they are properly awarded for it. This is especially true in the world of athletics. Different kinds of awards are given out for different events, but one excellent award choice is a medal. Medals are awesome for customizing, and can make the person receiving them feel very special. This article will discuss 3 events where custom medals are a great idea.

Track And Field 

Custom competition medals are excellent for track and field events because many of the competitors will likely win multiple events. This means that they will receive some type of reward for each of the events that they win. Rather than giving them several large and awkward trophies that can be hard to carry around and find enough room for, you can instead have custom medals made to hang around their necks. The medals will be much smaller in size, and will take next to no room to store. Also, you can customize the metals to include a picture and title of each event that they are being given out for, such as the100 meter dash, shot put, high jump, etc. 

Long Distance Races

Many runners who choose to run marathons and half marathons generally run multiple races per year. Because of this, they like to collect the awards that they get at the end of each race. Medals are something that most runners will enjoy collecting because they don't take up a great deal of space and they are easy to hang on a wall, a hook, a cork board, etc. Also, the medals can be made out of silver, gold, or some other strong metal, thus allowing the medals to look great and to last for many years to come. 

Children's Sports

When children are little, they are generally given some type of recognition simply for participating in the sport and doing their best. Because of this, there are often a lot of recognition awards that need to be given out. A great way to make sure each child feels special, without breaking the bank, is to order some simple customized medals for the children. These medals are going to be small in size, and are generally created out of a cheaper metal or metal combination. The children will love the fact that they are given a medal, and will feel happy and confident in their abilities.