Crazy Cleanse: Can Detoxify Drinks Remove Smoking Impurities?

Cleanse diets, juice diets, fasting diets, and detox diets all have one thing in common: they are very popular with people who want to purify their bodies and lose weight. If you are a smoker, you might be wondering if a detoxify drink can really remove impurities from your body. You may even wonder if it is possible to continue smoking, but just drink these drinks to remove toxins from your body as a result of smoking. Here are the answers to your detox questions.

Your Liver and Detox Drinks

Your liver is the primary organ through which most poisons are processed and are then sent out of the body via your kidneys or bowels. In the case of detox drinks, the drinks contain ingredients which tend to speed up the liver's ability to do its job. It may pull more toxins out of your blood and process them, but if you are going to continue to smoke, it does not really help.

There are some good reasons why trying to detox your body and still smoking does not work.

  1. Your body and the detox drinks are pulling poisons out, but you are putting the poisons right back in by continuing to smoke.
  2. Much of the toxic substances from smoking are in your lungs, where a detox drink cannot be of much help.
  3. Your liver only pulls the toxic residues from smoking out of your blood, not out of your lungs.

Subsequently, if you want to rely on detox drinks, you should consider total cessation of smoking before you begin detox.

If You Stop Smoking, Can the Drinks Help?

If you quit cold turkey, there are chemicals in your brain that cause you to crave a cigarette. Detox drinks can help pull these chemicals out of our brain and then help the liver process them for flushing. The drinks can help, but only if you quit smoking. 

Combining Vaping with Detox Drinks

Some people have turned to vaping to help quit smoking. This has limited success, since the nicotine in vaping oil is still similar in content to low nicotine cigarettes. However, vaping and detox drinks used together can help you taper off smoking, and then taper off vaping. Baby steps to remove impurities from your body is still progress. Once you have stopped smoking and vaping, continued use of the detoxify drinks can help you stay away from cigarettes.