How To Plan A Great Sunday School Boat Party At A Lake

Are you on a committee to plan a lake party for your Sunday School class? If so, from planning the food to planning boat activities, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a great party.

The Food - Make it easy! By keeping things simple, you can focus on fun activities.

  • Consider asking people to bring coolers full of ice. Fill them with plenty of bottles of water and soda pop.
  • One of the coolers could hold hot dogs that have already been heated. Try lining the coolers with plenty of aluminum foil which might keep the hot dogs warm longer.
  • Make assignments for people to bring sides like watermelon and chips. Don't forget condiments for the hot dogs.
  • Think about asking folks to bring homemade cookies which will be easy to serve.
  • Another idea is to have S'mores. It might be helpful to put somebody in charge of building a campfire and supervising the marshmallow roasting.
  • If you'll be taking food out on boats, think about making box lunches that contain foods that don't need to be refrigerated.

The Activities - Don't forget to plan activities for all ages.

  • Does anybody in your Sunday School class own a motor boat? If not, consider renting one or several from a local boat service so that you can use them for water skiing or for fishing.
  • Another idea is to offer boat rides to little kids and to older folks and others who aren't interested in skiing.
  • Think of putting somebody in charge of any boat activities you want to have. That's especially useful if you aren't familiar with boats.
  • Don't forget to tell people that there will be boat activities so that they can dress accordingly. Remind folks to bring sun screen and hats.
  • Before your group goes out on the lake, think about having a short meeting where you discuss things like water safety
  • If you end up renting a boat or several boats, reserve them early. The rental company might even have life jackets you can borrow or rent.

Since your group is from your church, think about having a devotional at the end of your event. You could focus on the miracles that Jesus performed at the Sea of Galilee, or you could talk about the disciples that Jesus called to be fishers of men. Think of asking somebody to lead the song, Master The Tempest Is Raging before you have a closing prayer.