Planning A Long-Distance Bike Ride? 3 Tips To Make The Trek Safer And More Comfortable

You've got your bike ready. Now it's time to plan your first long-distance bike ride. If this will be your first long-distance trek, you'll need to take some extra steps to make sure you're ready for the adventure. Here are three simple tricks that will make your trek more comfortable, and safer:

Don't Blend In

While you're choosing your cycling attire, you'll want to remember your safety. During a long-distance bike ride, you'll encounter different types of terrain and scenery. You want to make sure that you're visible to passing motorists wherever you're at. The best way to do that is to choose colors that won't blend in with any type of scenery. Go for bright, bold colors, especially for your shirts. It's also important that you put reflective tape on your shoes and your helmet. The added splash of color and reflective tape will ensure that you're visible while you're on the road.

Plan for Rain

If your bike ride is going to take place during the summer, you may still encounter the occasional rain storm. To make sure that rain doesn't force you to fall behind schedule, make sure you're prepared. Pack an extra set of clothing that's designed to provide protection from the rain. You should also pack a light-weight tarp. The tarp will give you protection if you have to stop to sit out a particularly heavy rainstorm. It's also important that you bring a small resealable plastic bag. You'll be able to put your phone in it during the rain to keep it from getting wet.

Bring the Bag Balm

You're going to be spending a considerable amount of time on your bike. You're probably prepared for the pain that your legs and arms may experience. However, you might not be prepared for the chafing you might develop down below. Unfortunately, a bad case of chafing can side-track your entire trip. To prevent painful chafing to your delicate backside and thighs, you'll need to bring along the bag balm. Not sure what bag balm is? It's the lanolin cream designed to soften cows udders. Apply a generous amount to your backside and inner-thighs, and you'll avoid the pain and discomfort associated with sores and chafing. Don't forget to reapply the balm each time you make a pit stop.

If you're planning a long-distance trek on your bike, use the tips provided here to have a safe and comfortable trek. Contact a company like Sarasota Cyclery Inc for more information and assistance.