Four Reasons To Ride In A Cycling Jersey... Even When You're A Casual Rider

If you're just a casual cyclist who does not enter any big races or set competition goals, you may thing you're fine out riding in a t-shirt. But put on a cycling jersey, and it's unlikely you'll ever go back to riding in a tee again. Cycling jerseys are designed specifically for cycling. Here are some reasons to start riding in one even if you have no plans of going pro (or even entering a race) in the near future.

Jerseys breath in all the right places.

When you wear a t-shirt, sweat tends to build up along your back and under your armpits. Even if you wear one made from wicking material, you can get sweat buildup in areas where the airflow does not quite reach. Women's cycling jerseys are made from material that wicks away sweat, and they are also designed to be super breathable in those "protected" areas where the wind does not really circulate while you're cycling.

Jerseys fit snugly for safety.

Have you ever gotten your tee shirt stuck over the handlebars of your bike? Maybe you've had it blow up in the when it's windy, restricting your movement. Jerseys offer a tighter fit, which is a lot safer since you don't have to worry about the material getting caught on anything. You can tuck the jersey in or wear it over your shorts -- either way, it's going to stay where it's supposed to be.

You'll feel like a pro.

Even though you are not a pro, you will enjoy feeling like one as you soar down those hills and power back up them. Wearing a jersey can make you feel like a top-notch cyclist, and that can increase your performance and help you reach your fitness goals. If you look good, you will also feel good.

You can store things.

Jerseys are made for cyclists who have a lot of little things to carry... like keys and snacks. It's hard to pull items out of your shorts pockets while you're cycling because of the bend in your leg. However, you can easily retrieve them from pockets in your jersey. You can find jerseys with zip pockets and other designs with snap pockets. Choose depending on your preferences.

So, are you ready to buy a jersey yet? You can find inexpensive ones that are perfect for people starting out, and they're still so much better than cycling in a tee shirt.