Tips For Buying The Best Holster For Your Handgun

If you like to hike alone in a wooded area where large predator encounters are a concern, then it is always a good idea to carry your handgun with you on the trail. While it isn't reasonable to shoot a rogue bear or angry mountain lion with a smaller firearm, firing your handgun into the air will scare away most predatory animals and keep you safer in a remote forest area. If you do not own a holster, then you need to purchase one that fits your gun, is out of your way while hiking, and is easily accessible if you need to quickly grab your gun. 

Here are some buying tips to ensure you purchase the right holster to meet your unique needs:

Tip: Choose a Leather Holster Over a Plastic Model

The first decision you need to make is the material your gun's new holster is made out of. While plastic holsters are less expensive, they are less flexible and less comfortable to wear while you are hiking than those made of natural leather. If you happen to fall while hiking, a leather holster will not break like a plastic one will. Whether you ultimately choose a leather or plastic holster, make sure you purchase one that has a strap to hold your gun inside of it.

Tip: Choose a Shoulder Holster to Prevent Brush Snags

Since you will be hiking around tree branches and brush, it is always easier if you use a shoulder holster over one that is in your pocket or on your waist. Shoulder holsters also hang higher on your body to keep your weapon dry if you are exploring creek or river areas. Additionally, if you have a concealed carry permit, then a shoulder holster is better for concealing your gun from other hikers on the trail.

Tip: Choose a Holster that Places the Firearm Nearest Your Dominant Hand

Finally, since you want to be able to quickly grab your handgun if threatened by wildlife, you should opt for a holster that places your gun nearest to your dominant shooting hand. For example, if you are left-handed, then a waist holster should be on your left side so you can quickly reach down and pull out your gun with your left hand. However, if you will be using a shoulder holster, then you want the holster on your right side so you can quickly grab your firearms from it with your left hand.

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