4 Gift Ideas for Pontoon Owners

If one of your loved ones owns a pontoon boat, chances are their boat is a very important part of their life. They most likely love spending time alone on the water fishing and relaxing, as well as inviting their friends and family aboard as often as possible. When choosing holiday gifts for this loved one, why not honor their love for their pontoon with thoughtful pontoon accessories? Here are a few unique ideas.

Diving Board for Pontoons

Adding a diving board really takes pontoon ownership to the next level. Just think about how fun all of those summer boat parties will be once everyone can happily dive into the water from a diving board. Pontoon diving boards are designed specifically for the shape of a pontoon, locking securely onto any flat pontoon surface. Pontoon diving boards are also quick and easy to remove, and most are completely collapsible to take up as little space as possible when they're not in use.

Updated Steering Wheel

If your loved one's pontoon still has the basic plastic steering wheel that came with the boat straight from the factory, a new upgraded version will make them happy. Pontoon steering wheels come in a variety of styles and colors, including elegant combinations of dark wood and metal for a classic look. An updated steering wheel will look classy and also feel comfortable while steering, so it's both a beautiful and functional gift option.

Pontoon Grill

Your loved one will most likely be delighted to learn they are the new owner of a grill designed specifically for their pontoon. These grills attach to the outside of the pontoon and rise above the surface of the water. They are perfect for grilling up the catch of the day for a lakeside picnic after a day on the water or grilling burgers while still on the boat.

Wet Suit

A wet suit is a practical gift for any pontoon captain. A wet suit allows them to dive and swim from their pontoon even in colder temperatures. Wet suits today are designed to be lightweight and comfortable, while doing a very effective job of protecting the torso from cold temperatures and harsh waves.  

Buying your loved one a pontoon-related holiday gift will show you care about their boating hobby, and it may even increase the odds of you getting invited back out on their pontoon sometime soon when you can enjoy the gifts to.