4 Tips For Your First RV Trip With Kids

Traveling by RV with your family is an amazing opportunity to share an adventure and make memories. While traveling in an RV with your kids is fun and worthwhile, it also presents additional challenges and potential issues. Here are four tips for a stress-free first RV trip with kids:

Keep Them Entertained

If your kids are entertained on your RV trip, you will be able to drive in peace and even enjoy adult conversation without the constant refrain of "Are we there yet?" It's always a good idea to pack a few tote bags full of games, puzzles, and books. Buying a few extra surprises just for the trip will make the entertaining toys feel even more exciting and special. Child-friendly videos on a tablet and a few classic road trip games will also keep your kids happily entertained during long hours on the road.

Choose Your Campsites Ahead of Time

Not all RV campsites are created equal, and some are more fun for kids than others. When researching campsites, look for spots with kid-friendly amenities like a swimming pool, playroom, or sandy beach for the kids to play. Water, electrical hook-ups, and full bathrooms also make RV camping with kids much easier. You can always go back to roughing it when they are older. Contact professionals at a company like Snowbird Haven for more information on RV sites.

Take Things Slowly

When you are single or a childless couple, you may want to see as many sights as possible on your RV vacation and put in a ton of miles each day to get to your next destination. This pace can be overwhelming for kids, so it's better to take your trip slowly and limit your overall itinerary. Create a less ambitious and more manageable route, and you will be rewarded with more cheerful travel companions.

Stick to a Bedtime Ritual

One potentially stressful aspect of traveling by RV with kids is that disruption to their daily routines can lead to less sleep, grouchiness, and meltdowns. One key way to prevent this is to stick to a bedtime ritual that has as much consistency as possible with their routines back home. Sticking to their regular bedtime, reading a bedtime story, and playing soothing music or a noise machine can all be helpful.

Planning ahead and remembering that your kids' travel needs and schedules are different than those of the adults on your trip will go a long way toward a fun and low-stress first RV trip with kids.