Becoming Part Of The LGBTQ Community

After "coming out", your relief may be considerable; however, if you live in an area where you don't know anyone else who is gay, you might still wish that you had more peers in the LGBTQ community for support and companionship. How might you meet friends in that community?

Explore LGBTQ Sports Leagues

If you're athletic, you might already be a part of your company softball team or other local sports teams. You may not even realize that there are LGBTQ sports teams and leagues out there. Gay Kickball, for instance, has teams all over the country that compete and play in tournaments. These sports leagues allow you to get in some exercise while meeting people who have something in common with you; many practices and games lead to nights out at clubs and restaurants for talking and having fun.

Don't be afraid to involve yourself in sports if you're not so great at them; many others join merely for pleasure and enjoyment. Some leagues will have divisions for those who don't want to play competitively, and other teams meet locally without any real competitive goal at all. Decide which type of sport and what level of commitment you're interested in, and search for teams and players who feel the same. You can contact organizations like America's Finest Kickball League for more information.

Join Online Forums

Online support is so helpful if you are in remote, rural, or foreign locations. It's also easier sometimes to share personal struggles or problems regarding your LGBTQ journey when you're at home and typing it for others to view online; this can help you feel less embarrassed than if you had asked or said certain things in person. People in forums for the community are generally supportive and have experienced similar pains and joys. The forums are usually highly moderated to prevent the appearance of homophobic or transphobic trolls.

Get Into Politics

Even if you have not ever been a political person, as you navigate life as a member of this community you might slowly realize that some involvement in civics is necessary. Civic organizations can also lead to friendships. While many organizations tend toward liberal and progressive viewpoints, a few conservative organizations do represent LGBTQ citizens and would welcome new members if you feel up to it.

With these ideas, meeting and forming friendships with others who are in the LGBTQ community is easier. Supportive people can help you lead a full life, and in turn you can do the same for others.