Fly Fishing For Trout: 4 Beginner's Tips

Fly fishing for trout is one of the most rewarding forms of fishing. As long as you're in an area where trout are somewhat prevalent, you are likely to come back with a good catch — and who doesn't love trout for dinner? If you're new to the sport, the best thing you can do is have a more experienced fisherman come along and guide you. You can also employ these four beginner's tips.

Keep your wrist straight as you cast.

You do not want your rod to come too far forward and tap the water as you cast. This will prevent your line from going out as far as it should. The easiest way to prevent this mistake, which some call "line slapping" is to avoid bending your wrist while you cast. Keep your arm straight from elbow to hand.

If you cast badly, leave it.

If you cast your line out, the wind catches it, and it lands nowhere near where you intended, instinct might tell you to recast it. That's actually a bad idea. If a trout happened to see the cast, it may be headed for your lure anyways. It's a waste of a cast to reel it back in without at least giving it a chance.

Amend your flies based on the area.

You want to use a fly that looks realistic for the setting you are in. If you are fishing on open water, there are likely to be small baitfish, so you want a fly that looks like small baitfish -- since the trout will not expect it. If you're fishing in a merky, overgrown area, a fly that looks like a grasshopper would be ideal, since that is something a trout would see and eat in such an area. Bring a variety of flies with you, and just ask yourself which seems the most natural in every given scenario.

If the fish are grabbing but not catching, size down your hook.

Sometimes the trout will start eating the bait off your hook without actually getting caught. Usually, this means your hook is too large for the fish present. Size down your hook, and you should have better luck. 

Fly fishing is not for the faint of heart, but it's a ridiculously fun sport. Employ the tips above, and rely on the help of a more experienced friend. You'll soon be an angler they all envy.