What To Expect From A Pistol Silencer: A Beginners Guide

When it comes to shooting as a hobby, many beginners look forward to buying all sorts of pistol silencers for their favorite guns. After all, many movies have protagonists with amazing accuracy combined with deadly silence of a simple attachment, so why not pick one out for yourself? While pistol silencers are a great addition to any collection, it is important that you understand what exactly they change about your gun, and how they can help you. Once you are informed choosing out a 9mm silencer, or one for your other pistols, becomes much easier. 

They Weigh Quite A Lot

They might seem flimsy in photos, but a pistol silencer is actually built out of very strong metals, often steel, and that means they have weight. It is quite possible that a silencer can add a substantial amount of extra weight to your pistol. This can have a drastic impact on your accuracy and range, so you will need to practice a lot more with a silencer to build your accuracy back up. It also means that your hands may fatigue more with a silencer on your pistol, so be sure to factor that in when you go to the range.

They Are Not Universal

While some silencers can work with multiple guns, not every silencer will attach to all of your pistols. Generally, this is related to the caliber of the gun, so, for example, a 9mm silencer will not go higher but it might be able to attach to a lower caliber pistol. The best way to find out whether your silencer will attach to other guns is simple: ask the manufacturer. This might sound easy but you may be surprised at how many people buy silencers for the wrong caliber weapon, which can be quite an expensive mistake to make.

Silencers Do Not Completely Eliminate Sound

Guns are often portrayed incorrectly in film but perhaps nowhere is this more apparent than with silencers. Many beginners may assume that a pistol silencer will make their gun sound just like a tiny squeak, but this is not totally accurate. While a pistol silencer does markedly soften the sound of a gunshot, there is still an audible noise. However, it is more akin to a paintball or airsoft gun, rather than the bang you are used to from gunpowder based firearms. This makes a pistol silencer a great attachment to lower your chance of hearing damage in the long term.

Contact a firearm company for more information about pistol silencers.