Wheelchair Sporting Events That Can Be Fun to Attend

If you're an avid fan of many different sports, it can be fun to always be on the lookout for new events to attend. Even if you have little knowledge of a particular sport, you can have a memorable time sitting and watching an event — and you may find that you're eager to start following that sport as much as you can. Wheelchair sports are an exciting genre of sporting events that can be impressive to watch. While these events might not be as commonplace as conventional sports, you can easily find upcoming wheelchair sporting events by looking online. Here are three wheelchair sports that can be a lot of fun to attend.

Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair basketball is a popular type of wheelchair sport that may be of interest to you. This sport has the basic rules of basketball — players are attempting to score on their opponent's basket — but all of the participants are in wheelchairs instead of running around the court. When you take in this type of sporting event, you'll be impressed with the participants' ability to maneuver around each other at high rates of speed, as well as pass and shoot the ball from a seated position.

Wheelchair Rugby

If you've ever attended a rugby match, you know this sport to be action-packed. Many people enjoy watching rugby because there are relatively few breaks in the action. When you attend your first wheelchair rugby match, you'll find that the same is true — the players compete aggressively from the start of the match to its closing whistle. Wheelchair rugby players get physical with one another, using their chairs and bodies to push their opponents out of the way to control the ball. Unlike traditional rugby, this sporting event takes place indoors — making it a fun choice during the winter months.

Wheelchair Tennis

Anyone who has played tennis casually knows that it can be difficult to get from one side of the court to the other to hit the ball. When you attend a wheelchair tennis event, you'll be impressed at how easily the athletes can make their way around the court. Holding their racket in one hand and controlling their chair with the other, participants can put on an entertaining match for fans. You'll often find yourself holding your breath as you watch the athletes zip around the court to return the ball. Look online to find sporting events in your area that you can attend.