Sports Netting For A Practice Golf Range

Sports netting will supply a barrier that will prevent sporting materials from being transported out of a play area. Netting is also essential during the participation of many sports, including volleyball and tennis. If you have a golf practice range that is going to be contained in a designated area, sports netting will allow clients to practice using iron or wooden clubs without worrying about the need to walk far distances to retrieve balls.

Sports Netting Components

Hemp, jute, nylon, and synthetic resins are often used to construct netting that will be used in high-impact areas. A goal is an example of a sporting feature that will require maximum strength, due to the impact of the balls that will make contact with a netting material. Even in a golf practice range, the use of one of these materials may be desired, since a strong mesh material will not be likely to break down with the impact of many balls.

Cotton is an alternate netting material that can be used to create a barrier. Cotton products that are used to manufacture netting are also fairly common and can be dyed to tie into an arena or sporting range's design. Some netting materials are dipped, prior to or after an installation.

Dipping will protect netting from UV rays, excessive moisture, excessive force, and fluctuations in temperature. Ask your installer about the expected life of an undipped net in comparison to one that has been treated. Most sports netting consists of square-shaped mesh, poles, a lead line, and hardware.

The Installation Process

The golf range layout and the manner in which customers will be instructed to hit balls can help you pinpoint where netting needs to be installed. Choose a netting height that will coincide with the average lift amount of a ball that is struck with standard golf clubs.

The poles that are used to anchor a net are usually constructed of wood or metal. Snap hooks, hog rings, bolt clamps, and ground anchors are some of the accessories that are necessary to install sports netting.

A winch system will allow an end user to raise and lower netting. During inclement weather that will prevent people from using the golf practice range, you may wish to take down the netting. With a winch system, you will be supplied with a way to quickly lower the netting, without wrinkling it or causing it to be laid out in an uneven fashion.

Contact a sports netting installation contractor near you to learn more.