Here's What To Expect When Visiting A Gun Shop For The First Time

If you are looking for a firearm to purchase, visiting a gun shop is a must. Here are a few things to expect when visiting a gun shop for the first time:

Display Barriers

You will not see a bunch of firearms hanging on shelves for you to pick up and handle when walking in a gun shop. Any guns that are hanging on shelves should be behind a counter where a customer service representative is working. Some firearms may be displayed behind glass or plastic counters. The reason for this is to ensure that nobody who is underage or who is otherwise restricted by law to handle a weapon is able to get their hands on the firearms.

If you want to learn more about a particular firearm, a customer service representative will show you the firearm more closely by bringing it to the counter. However, it is important to keep in mind that display firearms are never loaded and cannot be tested onsite unless the gun store you are shopping at has a firing range — which is rare. You should be able to request user guides from the seller to learn more about how a firearm you're interested in buying works since you cannot test it hands-on.

Permit Applications

If you find a firearm that you want to purchase, you will likely have to fill out an application for a permit to own the firearm. The specific permitting requirements you will be held to will depend on your county's laws and the type of firearm you want to invest in. The reason permits are typically required is to ensure that people with violent backgrounds, mental illness, and felonies on their records do not get hold of a firearm.

The application process is painless; however, you will need to agree to a background check and you may have to provide some personally identifying information at the time. Rest assured that the gun shop you purchased from does not use permit application information for anything other than filing the permit for you.

Obtaining a Firearm

If your permit gets approved to purchase a firearm, you will be able to obtain your weapon. If the gun shop has been storing the firearm for you, it should take nothing more than a visit to the store with your valid permit to gain access to and ownership of the weapon. If you applied for a permit without choosing a firearm to purchase yet, you can go to any gun shop with your permit and pick one up on the spot.