2022 NFL Free Agents: Veterans Chasing Rings

Many NFL veterans spend the last few years of their gridiron glory chasing championship rings. Here are some of the best 2022 NFL free agents who might ditch their current situation to sign on with a Super Bowl contender this offseason.


In the modern NFL, the QB position is more important than ever. With several teams harboring the belief that they're "one good QB" away from hoisting the Lombardi Trophy, these QBs might look to make a big move next year.

  • Russell Wilson: with things dissolving in Seattle, it looks like Wilson might be looking for green pastures this offseason. Wilson will likely look for a team with a good defense and an offensive scheme that highlights his ability to improvise. Potential contenders like Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Las Vegas, and Chicago could all use Wilson's leadership and experience.
  • Gardner Minshew: the veteran journeyman, shipped off by the Jaguars after they drafted Trevor Lawerence, Minshew will likely seek a starting gig next year. Although Minshew isn't viewed by many analysts as an elite talent, he can save cap space, which can allow some of the top teams to spend more money on younger 2022 NFL free agents. Minshew is more likely to thrive in a spread offense, with an air raid philosophy. Carolina, Chicago, and Cleveland might be perfect for Minshew's talents.

Running Backs

The RB position can be critically important, but brutally exacting. Many veteran RBs attempt to finish out their careers with Super Bowl contenders willing to roster a full stable of back-ups.

  • Melvin Gordon: the Broncos veteran RB will likely lose his starting spot to rookie sensation Javonte Williams. Although Gordon has had a high-profile career, he also brings some off-field baggage with him wherever he lands. Look for Gordon to sign on with a Super Bowl contender looking for an insurance RB with pedigree and experience. Tennessee, Baltimore, San Fransisco, and Las Vegas could all use Gordon's consistency and pass blocking acumen.
  • David Montgomery: with his rookie deal expiring in 2022, the Bears have to decide if they're willing to invest in an RB with significant injury risks. Because Montgomery is a dual-threat option, suitors for his talents are likely to be offenses looking for a third down RB. Super Bowl contenders like Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Green Bay, and Arizona could benefit from Montgomery's explosiveness and versatility. When you're monitoring the top 2022 NFL free agents this off-season, pay attention to Chicago's off-season moves, as they could indicate if Montgomery comes back to Soldier Field.

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