Why Every Gun Lover Should Keep A Bit Of 9Mm Ammo In Their Home

There are a lot of different types of guns out there that shoot all different types of caliber bullets, from the exceptionally small to ammo that looks more like it would fit better in the barrel of a tank than a firearm. Perhaps no type of ammo is more famous than 9mm ammunition, and although it may not be an expert's choice when they go out on their routine hunting trips or journeys to the firing range, it is always a good idea to keep some on hand. Here are a few reasons why every gun lover should have some 9mm ammunition in their home.

Going Shooting With Beginners

If you intend to teach anyone how to shoot a gun, then the first one you probably want to let them loose with is a smaller pistol that fires 9mm ammunition. These guns won't provide too much recoil or be too loud, while still giving them a genuine taste of how it feels to fire a weapon. Keeping 9mm ammunition on hand means that if someone wants to come shooting with you then you don't have to make a whole detour to the gun store to pick them up some ammo.

Most Versatile

If you have a lot of different guns, then you know just how annoying it can be to keep the right caliber bullets for all of them. The great thing about 9mm ammunition is that it can be used by the widest range of weapons in your arsenal. It is a bit of a self-fulfilling situation because 9mm ammunition is so popular due to the fact that so many guns can use it, but so many guns can use it now because of how popular it is. Whatever the case, that cycle is unlikely to be broken anytime soon, so if you need some ammo in a pinch then 9mm will always do the trick.

Helpful Shooting Partner

If you are ever at the range or doing a bit of shooting with a friend and they run out of ammunition, then you don't want to make them leave to go get more. Keeping a few boxes of 9mm ammo on you at all times ensures that if someone else forgets their backup supply, you can still cover them in the moment and you can continue to enjoy the time together rather than having to have a break for an extended period of time.