Three Things You Need To Know When Visiting Your Local Gun Store

Buying a gun in America seems to be becoming more of a controversial issue by the day, so it makes sense that when you actually do want to shop for a weapon for the first time you do a little bit of research into the process first. It is not just as simple as going to buy some groceries, but with the right foreknowledge, it is a smooth process.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when visiting your local gun store to ensure that you get exactly the type of firearm you need. 

Background Check 

When buying a gun in-store or ordering one online you will need to fill out a form that is issued by the ATF, which is the government agency that regulates the use of firearms along with other controlled items. This might delay your initial purchase of a gun, and depending on the state you live in it could be hours or days before the guns that you want to end up in your hands, so make sure to make an allowance in time for this hiccup especially if you plan on going hunting or some other time-sensitive task with that firearm.

Test Your Weapon

Some gun stores, not all, also operate a firing range of some kind out the back, which allows buyers to have a go on their new firearms before purchasing them. Whenever you can, you should try to utilize this because it gives you real, practical experience of what using this gun will feel like and you can tell if it is right for your body shape and needs. The last thing you want is a gun that feels weird in your hands and then you are liable to not shoot as accurately with it in the future.


If you are buying a gun for safety and live in a large, metropolitan, area like millions of Americans then space probably is an issue for you. Do not discount this issue as it will only become more apparent when you take your gun home to find out that storing a huge rifle is not so easy as it looked in the store. In those cases where space is paramount, a handgun is almost always ideal. If you do have a larger property then this is less of a concern, but it is important that you still have a space in mind where you will put it once you purchase it. A properly stored gun is a safe gun, so do not discount this aspect of gun ownership.