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3 Events Where Custom Competition Medals Are A Great Idea

When someone does something well, it is important that they are properly awarded for it. This is especially true in the world of athletics. Different kinds of awards are given out for different events, but one excellent award choice is a medal. Medals are awesome for customizing, and can make the person receiving them feel very special. This article will discuss 3 events where custom medals are a great idea.

How To Promote Your Bike Tours On Instagram

Instagram is a tool that can be used in all types of businesses. But, if you are offering recreational bike tours, no matter what the skill or age level, it can be an especially useful tool. When offering activity-based services, you have an audience (or clients) who are primed to help you get the most out of Instagram. This article shows how Instagram can make your bike tour a more immersive experience for your clients and a more rewarding business venture for you.

What You Should Be Looking for in Whitewater Rafts

Whitewater rafts are quite different from other small, manned watercraft. You cannot simply purchase any inflatable raft and expect it to survive rapids. If you are going to get into this sport, there are a few things you should be looking for in your raft. Plastic Polymers That Withstand Intense Pressure and Sharp Rocks Whitewater rafts are made from special plastic and rubber polymers that can withstand the roughest of waters and the sharpest of rocks.