Interested In Alligator Hunting For The First Time? 3 Steps To Sucess

If you are interested in hunting alligators for the first time, then realize that there are many steps to getting started. You cannot simply go out to a swamp or other alligator-laden area and start hunting them without first applying for an alligator license in your state, learning how to ethically cull an alligator without causing them to experience unnecessary pain, and knowing what to do with the alligator(s) you hunt after you have killed them.

3 Reasons To Learn How To Work On Your Own Boat

If you are a boat owner, you might have never really thought about working on your own boat. Instead, you might hire a professional to handle the maintenance and repairs on your boat instead. However, in time, you can learn how to purchase your own boat parts and make your own basic repairs and perform your own basic maintenance. These are a few reasons why this might be something that you'll want to make a priority:

Tips For Buying The Best Holster For Your Handgun

If you like to hike alone in a wooded area where large predator encounters are a concern, then it is always a good idea to carry your handgun with you on the trail. While it isn't reasonable to shoot a rogue bear or angry mountain lion with a smaller firearm, firing your handgun into the air will scare away most predatory animals and keep you safer in a remote forest area.

Four Reasons To Ride In A Cycling Jersey... Even When You're A Casual Rider

If you're just a casual cyclist who does not enter any big races or set competition goals, you may thing you're fine out riding in a t-shirt. But put on a cycling jersey, and it's unlikely you'll ever go back to riding in a tee again. Cycling jerseys are designed specifically for cycling. Here are some reasons to start riding in one even if you have no plans of going pro (or even entering a race) in the near future.

How To Incorporate Boat Activities Into Your Family Reunion At The Beach

Are you in charge of planning the boat activities for this year's family reunion at a beach? If so, from planning fishing expeditions to renting offshore boats for skiing, here are some ideas for you to consider that might help you to make this a very memorable family reunion: Make A Specific Plan - Before you even leave for the reunion, think about writing down which boating activities you have in mind: